NEW MagMod 2

NEW MagMod 2


MagMod launched the original magnetic modular speedlite modifier system in October 2013 and has been a global best-seller ever since. Our award-winning products have inspired photographers world-wide to reach new heights of creativity thanks to a fast, easy, and awesome system of speedlite modifiers that make controlling, gelling, and diffusing speedlite flashes better than ever.

We took the feedback from thousands of professional photographers in implementing product improvements that, while on the surface seem simple, provide significant improvements in simplicity, speed of modification, and reduction in weight and total components.

NEW MagMod 2


One of the most important improvements introduced with MagMod 2 modifiers is a focus on size and weight reduction. The MagMod design team prioritized reducing as much weight as possible without sacrificing durability, function, and aesthetic form.

The MagBounce 2 is 30% lighter than the original, and the MagSphere 2 is now 40% lighter than its predecessor. While it may not sound significant, photographers will notice the weight and size difference right out of the box, especially when you’re shooting in dynamic environments that require on-camera flash like weddings or events.

The MagGrip 2’s overall width on the flash shrunk by 30%, making it feel like it’s almost not even there!

This seemingly minor adjustment helps the flash feel less bulky while still maintaining ease and speed the oh-so-good magnetic modular system MagMod pioneered.